Ultimate Guide to Fashion Blogging!!

Blogging has become a part of my life now. And coming across sucessful bloggers is sort of inspiring and motivating.

I was glad to come across an article where Bershka (leading fashion brand from Spain) pays homage to individuals who have become trendsetters in their own right.

This series by Bershka team consists of 16 chapters in which bloggers discuss their day-to-day lives and their rise to fame. Four most followed bloggers on the international fashion scene will be sharing ‘The Ultimate Guide to Fashion Blogging’ and guide to be sucessful blogger.

Each blogger will film four episodes explaining how they got their start, the style that best sums them up and how and from what they draw inspiration to create the looks that made them famous.

Lisa Gachet of “Make My Lemonade” is the first blogger to share the tips of sucessful blogging.

The first episode hit the Bershka website http://www.bershka.com on Thursday and will be followed by a new instalment each week for the next four months.


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