Small Buys

I just stepped out of house without no intention of any shopping…..but i stuff my bag with little purchases…

1. Yellow pouch from Anokhi…love the bright print
2. Another cosmetic pouch from Anokhi…apt to carry essential cosmetics in the handbag
3. Green cover notebook…a dear friend picked it for me..great colour for the summer.
4. Small print cover Notebook from Anokhi…another nice printed cover notebook I am looking forward to use this summer
5. With the hot weather my face skin has gone for a six!..i have a combination skin- with a dry face but oily T zone..but now        this area is unusually dry…..i picked this cream & facepack from Innisfree (a Korean cosmetic range store in Khan                      market) which i am liking it – a good moisturizing base –
6. 2 more trial face masks from innisfree at very economical price. Try checking out on your own for your own skin care.








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