Doll up your Dining Room

I am keen in sharing this post as lately I have been intimidated by long  tables used in the dining area.

Just creatively work on the surroundings and you can end up with amazing look with your plain table.Work with different finish and different decor pieces and see the change. Long tables are apt for any look might it be rustic look, sophisticated or even bohemian.

Here goes some of my favourite looks- (1)

Bohemian dining set up with colourful chair seats and crafty hanging lampshades.

And I love the decor piece in the center. Old vintage books piled up and displayed in an artistic way.

Artistic setting – transparent chairs added to impart a spacious look. Smart idea for small spaces.

And the nice upholstered chair just gives a tasteful look with the simple wooden table.

Sophisticate dining set up with marble top , beautiful flowers and elegant lighting.


Photo 18_Nikki's House Tour_IMG_5285


Cosy set up with beautiful carved chairs and handmade shade.

The stripes and the colours just enhances the look.

Rustic look for a countryside home.

Pretty table set up even to enjoy food in your backyard. The old table is so nicely used, with the paints coming off it just adds  character to the whole dining set up. and the Chairs of course enhances the look more. So if you have an old table think twice before throwing it away!!


enjoy !!


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