Beautify your Make Up Dresser

I was exploring a bit on the options on how to change the look of my dresser. I want to give more feminine, tidy look and at the same time it should look pretty.

I shortlisted some options and wanted to share with you. If you are also looking to set up your dresser then may be it will be a help.

27756-Makeup-Dresser - Copy


A dresser with a self mirror is quite convenient and this white dresser here just enhances the colour of the things kept on it. There is so much scope to work on the display of stuff here well cordinated with rest of the elements in the room.

Photo from here






If you just have a table then don’t feel disappointed  as you have your own choice for a lovely mirror. A carved mirror like here in the photo or a simple glass mirror for a more sophisticated look.

Pastel decorative things imparts a soft feminine touch to the look as seen here.

Photo from here 




If you have space constraints. Then this dresser is a good option.

Check out the site here. The stool is also a storage box, so you have good space to stuff all your make up and skin care essentials.







Organize your things on a tray and it gives more character to the dresser.

Photo from here






A small table top mirror for close up look will be useful and if its this pretty which girl will say no to this option. 🙂

You can check out the site here for ordering. I just bumped across this site hence sharing with you guys. But if you have a different option then go ahead.






I love the concept of having a tray to organize the things as it effortlessly gives a lovely look.

Like here I love this white tray to keep the brushes and lip balms.

Photo from here 


pinterest2- vanity tray 2 A simple straight line tray gives more of a sophisticated look. Silver and fuchsia combination is becoming my favourite for the posh look.

Photo from here





Here is another look if you want to try a Gold rimmed mirror tray.

Photo from here



And not to forget the most essential accessories are the boxes to keep your tiny make up bits. Check out Container store for all sort of requirements. (They ship worldwide; just change your location before ordering)










Since these are transparent acrylic material; they go with almost any look. Quite useful to have these.











Hope this was useful. Enjoy!



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4 responses to “Beautify your Make Up Dresser

  1. Lorna

    I don’t have a dresser, but I’ve always wanted to! I think they are so feminine!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  2. Beautiful photos!! Have a lovely evening:)

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