How to live passionately no matter your age

This is extremely intimidating to come across people with high positive vibes in the midst of our day to day chaotic lives.

It just lends so much of positive perspective to our own life. But yes one needs to have the attitude to imbibe the positivity. Not many people get influenced by hearing things until and unless they have an open mind to listen to constructive things around them and try to incorporate it in their life.

I extremely get infatuated by people who can spread such knowledge around and I tend to appreciate the way they have incorporated the same in their life.

Isabel Allende is 71 yrs old lady who despite growing older imparts an incredible perspective in living life passionately.

No matter how old are you, if you live your life passionately then you live your life to the fullest. I Liked the things she spoke about – Freedom- not bothered anymore to prove yourself to anyone;  here goes the video of her talk (for TED) where you can find out more about it – may be it can a good influence in your life too.


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