Gift for your love


This Valentines you can give personal touch to the present by a very easy DIY.  You need very little time to make your own special gift wrapper.

All you need is-
Brown Paper (You can use any paper as per your choice)


Step1- Use the potato for stamping. You must be thinking how to cut this potato in a shape. But it is very easy to get a simple shape. And as the occasion is Valentines here you see a simple heart shape cut out.

I went through some online tutorials to understand the way to cut the potato. Here you can watch a very easy tutorial.

Now cut the paper as per you gift size.
I marked the sheet with 1 inch lines diagonally. So that you can easily make the placement of the motif equally.


Then take your potato stamp and put some paint on it with a brush, make an impression on a paper before actually stamping on the wrapper- to make sure the motif is leaving proper mark. Also before using the potato stamp blot the potato before printing with a tissue paper so that there is no excessive water, otherwise print will be little watery.


I placed the motif giving it a space. The lines drawn helps you to space out the motif uniformly.


Use a marker to make the arrow pattern.


This is how the pattern turns out. Erase the pencil lines once you are done.


You can also add your Valentine’s initials..


Make your own version of this to gift your valentine a special gift.



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