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Photo Source:  From Huffington Post (But edited to make it personalized)

I have been not been a makeup person in the past but lately have realised a little bit of makeup makes an impact in a good way. This new interest has lead me to go through various informative sites and blogs. I was always curious to know the essential brushes to have as I was so indecisive and without any knowledge as to what to buy when such a vast range of makeup brushes are available and of course how to use them.

Here I share with you the must have 5 make-up brushes I have come across. If you are a beginner like me then get these brushes and you will be sorted.

  • Face brush – for foundation
  • blending brush – for eyes
  • Small angled brush for eyeliners (for smokiness) and for brows
  • Larger Shader brush- flat brush for applying products- paint pots, smoky techniques
  • Shorter Shader Brush- for smudging

Source: Huffington Post

Now that you have a some make-up stuff, displaying them in a tray will beautify your space and also will just keep you motivated to use them. Use your old emptied candle jars (i have a thing for containers so have always been keeping emptied candles and votives) – this will give a touch of class. Use old glassware and simple trays to display your sweet smelling perfumes. Old glass tumblers (if your glass sets are spoiled) are good way to utilise your favorite piece of glassware rather than shelving them in some corner of your house. Some ideas on trays- you can check out my post here


Photo from here 


Photo: From here

I realised that we spend a lot on these make-up brush but we do not take care of how to keep them clean so that they sustain for a long time. With every use we keep making them dirtier and dirtier. And a time comes where we just dump them away.

There are ways to clean them and keep these tools intact for long run. We just need to take care of these essential.

There are few cheap ways  to clean make-up brushes and these can be done at home! 

1. You can use bathing soap- Rub the brush against the soap bar and rinse with lukewarm water to wash off  dirt and then dry with a tissue. (Make sure you do not dip the barrel part of the brush, otherwise you bristles will loosen up and will fall out)

2. Liquid dish soap and dry sponge- here pour a drop of the liquid soap on the bristles of the brush and then gently rub it on the sponge.  Rinse with Lukewarm water and then leave it out to dry on a tissue.

3. Olive Oil- Simply dip your brushes in the oil and you will see the dirt coming out. Your bristles will be left softer and nicer.

These DIY tips were taken from here. 

Hope this post is helpful.

With the Valentine coming up I am sure you all out there are going to Dazzle up! No matter you have a Valentine or not. Be thankful of everything you have got as there are many out there in this world not as privileged as you. Enjoy and look best…its the inner beauty makeup is just a superficial add on…….



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This winter I want few things with which I have created 2 looks. Some common items can easily be used with different outfits.

Some staple items in the wardrobe makes the outfits more easy and convenient. Click on the numbers below to if you would like to purchase.

Which of these do you like most??

winter buy1


winter buy2


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Style your Bar Cart

It is easy to store your drinks in a beautifully way and the result is a smart corner with a combination of cool furniture and vignettes. Or use it just like a side table to spice up your simple decor and utilise the space. You just need right essential accessories. Give artistic touch to the cart by putting some unique pieces in the cart.

Some great bar cart concepts I came across which I share with you below.

 bar accessories
Products are from ; check out their site to pick your own favourites.
1. Grape Ice Bucket
2. Copper linend ice bucket
3. Bottle Opener
4. Decanter Tags
5. Beaded Bottle collar
6. Metal Rooster Stopper
7. Chrome plated cockscrew
8. Mint Julep Cups
9. Arienne Signature Medallion Drink Coasters
10. Wine Bottle Basket and Decanter in Rattan Nito
Bar Accessories2
Bar Accessories 3
In India you can check out Snapdeal, Urban Ladder, Fabfurnish for online purchase.
From Snapdeal










From Urban Ladder


From Fabfurnish

For Online trays in India check out Urban Dazzle,Fabfurnish, Overstock has some good range of trays- from wooden to ornamented and














































fabfurnish- tray





















Check out Homeshop18 for cool whiskey glasses and shot glasses

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whats in the bag

IMG_4343 copy



It is always exciting to see what women carry in their bags. I have been thinking of doing a post myself of the things what i usually carry around. But at the moment i will keep it on hold and have gotten you the list of things that i carry in my survival make up pouch.

From the left-

I use lot of Kohl instead of eyeliner, so you can see the Kohl pencil from Lakme – it is from the Eyeconic range.

Mascara- Is also from the Eyeconic Range, and i find this one very easy to apply and has a great effect.

Lakme Complexion Care Cream– This is a tinted moisturizer, which gives a soft finished base. I have a dry skin so this works very good for me.

M&S Cocoa Butter Hand & Nail cream-  with the season change the hands need little pampering as we keep them washing all day. So i carry this hand and nail cream which is pretty good to sustain for the day.

MAC I M Passioned- Bright pink brighten up any look.

Rimmel Blush – Keeping little blush handy for surprise evening outings.

Bobby Pins & Hair Tie- I always keep some pins and a hair tie for emergency purpose. You never know when you end up needing one.

Eau De Toilette- From H&M. This is a perfume roll on which; handy to carry around and convinient to keep dabbing on for a fresh feeling.

Hermes perfume sample- I love the perfume samples – easy to carry around in the purse for any special occassion.

Nivea Lip Balm- Tinted lip balm for subtle look in the day time.

And i carry few accessories like the ring and the earrings to add an informal touch to the day outfit. Small handy pieces come in use often.


What do you carry in your make up pouches…i would love to see them.





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Small Buys

I just stepped out of house without no intention of any shopping…..but i stuff my bag with little purchases…

1. Yellow pouch from Anokhi…love the bright print
2. Another cosmetic pouch from Anokhi…apt to carry essential cosmetics in the handbag
3. Green cover notebook…a dear friend picked it for me..great colour for the summer.
4. Small print cover Notebook from Anokhi…another nice printed cover notebook I am looking forward to use this summer
5. With the hot weather my face skin has gone for a six!..i have a combination skin- with a dry face but oily T zone..but now        this area is unusually dry…..i picked this cream & facepack from Innisfree (a Korean cosmetic range store in Khan                      market) which i am liking it – a good moisturizing base –
6. 2 more trial face masks from innisfree at very economical price. Try checking out on your own for your own skin care.







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Summer Must haves


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