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Gift for your love


This Valentines you can give personal touch to the present by a very easy DIY.  You need very little time to make your own special gift wrapper.

All you need is-
Brown Paper (You can use any paper as per your choice)


Step1- Use the potato for stamping. You must be thinking how to cut this potato in a shape. But it is very easy to get a simple shape. And as the occasion is Valentines here you see a simple heart shape cut out.

I went through some online tutorials to understand the way to cut the potato. Here you can watch a very easy tutorial.

Now cut the paper as per you gift size.
I marked the sheet with 1 inch lines diagonally. So that you can easily make the placement of the motif equally.


Then take your potato stamp and put some paint on it with a brush, make an impression on a paper before actually stamping on the wrapper- to make sure the motif is leaving proper mark. Also before using the potato stamp blot the potato before printing with a tissue paper so that there is no excessive water, otherwise print will be little watery.


I placed the motif giving it a space. The lines drawn helps you to space out the motif uniformly.


Use a marker to make the arrow pattern.


This is how the pattern turns out. Erase the pencil lines once you are done.


You can also add your Valentine’s initials..


Make your own version of this to gift your valentine a special gift.



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A word of Substance

I have been thinking of posting about this blog by Alice- A WORD OF SUBSTANCE for a while now.
But was somehow delayed.

Alice has a great flare for writing and interestingly she writes on objects we see everyday- from a hard disk to an USB cable etc. And its great to see how she puts her thought behind such objects giving a very wonderful meaning to the object.

She has written on one of my Pictures which was published sometime back – here and the subject is THE BALLOON.

Small portion of the article-

“People used to think I was light and airy. They thought I would end up stuck in a crowded room full of people trying to have a good time night after night until I eventually deflated. They never knew I had ambitions. I wanted to make it to the top. I wanted to be more than just a fluttering socialite who was made to look pretty.

One afternoon when I was walked across the street, I fell in love with the sky. He was such an ocean of curiosity and independence. Unlike the ceilings I kept bumping up against, he was something different. He was mysterious and somewhat blue which made him all the more fascinating to somebody like me…….”

You can check out the complete post here.


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FLO on a walk

IMG_1014 copy

my cute FLO gone for a walk
A sketch inspired from the Cat drawing by Ennui…shown in my previous post

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Picture credit: 

A nice sketch simply hung…looks great!!

Simple way to add your creativity to any nook and corner of your house. And its easy to change!!


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January 21, 2014 · 4:35 pm


Recently I made this wedding (email) invite for a friend.
Sending e-invite to friends and colleagues is lot more easier; its quicker, easy and effective.

Neer wedding invite

Simply look for a free background (Freepik has some pretty free backgrounds which you can easily download and use)  and put your message. Put your occassion in the search tab and get the apt background.

Make you own e-invites or e-cards in minutes.

Will love to see some of your cards..share and learn..


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Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.




September 28, 2013 · 8:14 pm