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PARIS!!!  Most of you must be obsessed with Paris…and so I am too…I have been to Paris twice for few days. Always got fascinated by everything of  that city- people,art,culture, cafes,street,architecture….I could not resist when I came across this book ‘Almost Famous’ by Sarah Turnbull….have just started so I would not be give you my feedback on the book yet….Also when we talking about Paris…I would like to share this funny video with you all- ’10 ways to be Parisian with Caroline De Maigret’






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The world celebrated Thanksgiving Day recently. Even though in India we do not have a culture to celebrate thanksgiving Day; I would like to express my gratitude for the life I have got taking this opportunity.

Everyday while driving to work; passing by -seeing around I somehow tend to feel so much thankful for things I have got in life. Once my father told me something which my grandfather told to him when he was young- “always look at the people who are deprived rather than looking at people who are far well off than you (and thinking all the things you miss in life)” this will always keep a sense of gratitude alive in you for all the little things you have in life. Well don’t lose the sense of competitiveness in the whole process though; as to grow in life you need to have a healthy competitive feeling.

There are times when I tend to ignore those little goodness done by people around me; which I sincerely thank today and in future I look forward to have more positive thinking with right approach to appreciate things and people and goodness around.






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whats in the bag

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It is always exciting to see what women carry in their bags. I have been thinking of doing a post myself of the things what i usually carry around. But at the moment i will keep it on hold and have gotten you the list of things that i carry in my survival make up pouch.

From the left-

I use lot of Kohl instead of eyeliner, so you can see the Kohl pencil from Lakme – it is from the Eyeconic range.

Mascara- Is also from the Eyeconic Range, and i find this one very easy to apply and has a great effect.

Lakme Complexion Care Cream– This is a tinted moisturizer, which gives a soft finished base. I have a dry skin so this works very good for me.

M&S Cocoa Butter Hand & Nail cream-  with the season change the hands need little pampering as we keep them washing all day. So i carry this hand and nail cream which is pretty good to sustain for the day.

MAC I M Passioned- Bright pink brighten up any look.

Rimmel Blush – Keeping little blush handy for surprise evening outings.

Bobby Pins & Hair Tie- I always keep some pins and a hair tie for emergency purpose. You never know when you end up needing one.

Eau De Toilette- From H&M. This is a perfume roll on which; handy to carry around and convinient to keep dabbing on for a fresh feeling.

Hermes perfume sample- I love the perfume samples – easy to carry around in the purse for any special occassion.

Nivea Lip Balm- Tinted lip balm for subtle look in the day time.

And i carry few accessories like the ring and the earrings to add an informal touch to the day outfit. Small handy pieces come in use often.


What do you carry in your make up pouches…i would love to see them.





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A word of Substance

I have been thinking of posting about this blog by Alice- A WORD OF SUBSTANCE for a while now.
But was somehow delayed.

Alice has a great flare for writing and interestingly she writes on objects we see everyday- from a hard disk to an USB cable etc. And its great to see how she puts her thought behind such objects giving a very wonderful meaning to the object.

She has written on one of my Pictures which was published sometime back – here and the subject is THE BALLOON.

Small portion of the article-

“People used to think I was light and airy. They thought I would end up stuck in a crowded room full of people trying to have a good time night after night until I eventually deflated. They never knew I had ambitions. I wanted to make it to the top. I wanted to be more than just a fluttering socialite who was made to look pretty.

One afternoon when I was walked across the street, I fell in love with the sky. He was such an ocean of curiosity and independence. Unlike the ceilings I kept bumping up against, he was something different. He was mysterious and somewhat blue which made him all the more fascinating to somebody like me…….”

You can check out the complete post here.


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I was going through some my pictures i took while visiting the grand fort in Jodhpur. And here I pulled out some pictures for you where one cannot stop admiring the grand windows of the forts; with splendid architecture and intense detailing.

Immense admiration i have for the artisans behind these work.

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Summer is here



Scorching sun, sweat and dehydrated skin indicate the arrival of summer. But I look at summer as a  season in which you can shed all the extra pounds you have gained in winter. I agree we have very less options in vegetables (actually it really sucks eating the same vegetables in the same week). But eat as much as the juicy fruits you can…which will keep you hydrated. Include the fruits in your diet-  juicy cucumbers, watermelons, honeydew melons, oranges, lychee, papaya and enjoy respite from scorching heat. Smoothies and fresh juices are easy addition to breakfast. And ofcourse keep drinking lots of water.

Avoid junk foods and stay healthy.




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